Duke's Alert "When Your Air Bag Light Comes On (Illuminated Air Bag Light)"


Hey Duke here and there are some dashboard lights you should pay more attention to than others.  One is the airbag light.  If it's on and your vehicle is in an accident, your airbags probably won't do their job.  So today we will bark about the importance of the AIRBAG Light, it will save your life.  So let's get barkin" on this important subject!

Automakers began installing airbags in the late 1990s since they were mandatory in the United States, and manufacturers have included them in Canadian vehicles as well.  Safety experts say using a seat belt with an airbag gives passengers the best chance of surviving a crash and minimizing serious injury.

The airbag warning light takes a few different forms.  Some look like a picture of a belted passenger with an inflated airbag from a side view.  Or there may be a warning light that says something like "Air Bag," "SRS" (for supplemental restraint system), "Airbag Deactivated" or "Air Bag Off."

Different things cause the airbag light to come on.  Your vehicle may have been in an accident during which, while the airbags didn't inflate, crash sensors were activated.  Some of them may be connected to your vehicle's seat belts.  A technician can reset the airbag if this has happened.

Fuses can also blow, which will cause the airbag light to come on.  Another possible cause? A sensor that tells the vehicle's computer whether or not there is someone riding in the passenger front seat may be malfunctioning. 

Airbags are not for the do-it-yourselfer.  They are sophisticated systems that require specialized training and equipment to diagnose and repair.  If an airbag light is on, take it to a qualified service repair facility.  One more thing: remember that safety experts have designed airbags to work in conjunction with seat belts for maximum protection in accidents.  So always wear your seat belt.  

.....and remember, Safety never takes a day off




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