Lexus Repair and Service


Lexus is the luxury automobile division of Toyota Motor Corp. First introduced to the USA in 1989, Lexus originated with a flagship sedan project that began in 1983. This vehicle became known as the Lexus LS, a model still in production today. In 2005, a Hybrid version of the RX crossover was launched. In 2007, Lexus launched an affordable compact vehicle targeting a younger generation.

Lexus production models are named alphanumerically using two-letter designations followed by three digits. The first letter indicates relative status in the Lexus model range and the second letter refers to body style. (e.g. LS for ‘luxury sedan’). The three digits represent the engine displacement in liters multiplied by a factor of one hundred (e.g. 350 for a 3.5 L engine). The same letter may be used differently depending on the model; ‘S’ can refer to ‘sedan” or ‘sport’ (e.g. in LS and SC), while ‘X’ refers to an SUV. On hybrids, the three digits refer to the combined gas-electric output. In other models, a Lower Case letter placed after the alphanumeric designation indicates an engine type (‘h’ for hybrid, ‘d’ for diesel). Upper Case letters placed at the end indicates a class subtype (e.g. ‘L’ for long-wheelbase, ‘C’ for coupe, ‘AWD’ for all wheel drive). On F marquee models, the two-letter designation and the letter ‘F’ are used with no numbers or hyphens.

As an extension of Toyota, Lexus is known for its luxury and reliability. Knowing how loyal Lexus owners are, we have the professional technicians complete anyLexus repair.


List of Lexus models:


  • IS: compact RWD/AWD
  • 2008 IS F
  • 2010 IS 250 C/IS 300 C/IS 350 C
  • HS: compact FWD
  • 2010 HS 250h
  • ES: midsize FWD
  • 2010 ES 240
  • GS: midsize RWD/AWD
  • 2008 GS 350/GS 350 AWD/GS 460
  • LS: full-size RWD/AWD
  • 2009 LS 460/LS 460 AWD/LS 460 L/LS 460 L AWD
  • 2010 LS 460 SZ/Sport
  • RX: midsize crossover SUV
  • 2010 RX 350/RX 450h


  • IS F-Sport
  • 2009 IS 250 AWD F-Sport
  • 2010 IS 250 C/350 C F-Sport
  • GS F-Sport
  • 2009 GS 350 F-Sport
  • 2009 GS 350 AWD F-Sport
  • GX: midsize sport utility vehicle
  • 2003 GX 470
  • 2011 GX 460
  • LX: full-size sport utility vehicle
  • 2008 LX 570
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