Duke's Automotive Tips: Serpentine Belt Overview


Hello, Duke here, and this week I am going to bark tips on your serpentine belt.  So buckle up, and let's get barkin'.

The technicians at Allied Auto Works know your serpentine belt drives important engine accessories like your alternator, air conditioning compressor, and power steering. In some cars, it may also power the power brakes or water pump. The serpentine belt is powered by the engine and winds around pulleys and the accessories. Some cars in Los Altos have two serpentine belts.

The serpentine belt, the belt tensioner (which maintains the appropriate tension on the belt), and the idler pulleys are together known as the accessory drive system.

Now your serpentine belt and the belt tensioner will just wear out over time – that’s why your vehicle manufacturer has a scheduled belt replacement interval. The team at Allied Auto Works in Los Altos can inspect your serpentine belt for wear and get it replaced if it’s time.

Give us a call.

Here is my joke of week, of course belt related,

What do you call a belt made of $100 bills?

A waist of money.


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Serpentine Belt
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