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Duke Asks "Do You Know Your Blind Spots?"


Hey, it's Duke and did you know most dogs' eyes are more laterally placed (wider apart on the face) than are the eyes of humans, they have a resultant wider field of view. This provides for a greater ability to scan the environment and to pick up sudden movements.  Dogs do not have an abnormally large “blind spot” and they can see the depth of field (3D). resulting in a visual field of 240 degrees compared with the human field of 200 degrees.  Humans have binocular field of vision which results in blinds spots especially while driving.  So we are not going to turn a blind eye today on this subject but help you see things in a different light.  Let's get barkin'!


All Los Altos drivers have blind spots – and no, I'm not talking about the fact that you really don't sing like Adele. I mean the areas of the road that you can't see when you're driving around Los Altos.

First, let's talk about our own blinds spots, and then we can talk about others...

To begin, we can greatly reduce blind spots by properly adjusting our mirrors to give the widest coverage possible. Make adjustments in your vehicle before you start to drive.

First, Los Altos drivers should adjust their rearview mirrors to give the best possible view directly to the rear of their vehicle. Los Altos folks don't need it to get a better view of either side of the car, the kids in the back seat or their dazzling smile. It's pretty obvious, that the rearview mirror should reflect the rear.

Next, lean your head until it almost touches the driver's side window. Adjust your side mirror so that you can just barely see the side of your car. Now, lean your head to the middle of the car and adjust the outside mirror so that you can barely see the right side of the car.

When Los Altos drivers adjust their mirrors this way, they'll have maximum coverage. Of course, driving is a dynamic process – things change every second on CA roads and busy highways. So it's wise to take a quick look to the side when passing to make sure that another vehicle hasn't moved into an area you couldn't see in your mirrors.

As you drive around the Los Altos area, avoid staying in others' blind spots. You can't count on them to be watching their mirrors and looking out for you.
Here are some tips for passing a heavy vehicle on CA roads:
Avoid the blind spots. If you can't see the driver's face in one of his mirrors or in a window, he cannot see you!
Don't follow too close. If you can't see one of the truck's mirrors, you're too close.
Make sure there is plenty of room to pass. Trucks are long and take time to get around. If you're on one of our local two-lane highways, wait for a passing zone.
Don't linger when passing. Because the blind spots are so big on the sides, you want to get through them quickly. If you can't pass quickly, drop back.
Pass on the left whenever possible. A trucks' blind spot is much larger on the right.
The team of automotive professionals at Allied Auto Works wants you to watch those blind spots – but feel free to sing in the shower all you want.

I leave you with my car joke of the day,

Q: "What’s the difference between a Ferrari and six trash bags full of recyclable cans?"

A: "I don’t have a Ferrari in my garage."





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