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Cayenne's Clean Start (Battery Cleaning)


Hi, Cayenne here on this beautiful summer day.  You know this nothing I love better than feeling fresh and clean after going to the groomer.  It gives me a clean start to the day; just like your vehicle's battery needs to give you a start to your day, your battery needs cleaning too.   So today, we will bark about battery cleaning and how to give your vehicle a clean start to the day. 

Your vehicle is loaded with electrical devices. Computerized components are everywhere, so good electrical connections are important.  Those begin with your vehicle's battery, so it's important that its connections are in top shape.

Ever had a flashlight that didn't work, took out the old batteries to replace them, and noticed they were all corroded? The same thing can happen to your vehicle's battery. 

The battery type used in most vehicles is lead acid, which can be very corrosive.  Corrosion can build up around your battery's terminals, preventing the electrical connection from being as solid as it needs to be.  You may have even seen discoloration around your battery's terminals if you look under the hood, a sign of corrosion.

Or you might notice visible signs of fraying or loose battery cables. All of your vehicle's components are affected by vibrations from the engine and road surface imperfections, and the battery cables take a lot of jostling every time you drive.  Frayed cables won't conduct as much electricity as intact ones.  Plus, there's the possibility that a frayed cable may touch a piece of metal in the engine compartment, which can cause shorts and other problems.

Some signs to watch out for might tell you if your battery terminals are corroded, or your cables aren't making good contact with them.  You might find your vehicle isn't starting as easily as it used to. You also might see the battery warning light illuminated on your dash. That light resembles a rectangle with a "-" and "+" sign inside.

Our technicians can ensure your battery and cables operate optimally with regular service and cleaning.  A technician will clean the terminals and portions of the cables that are connected to them.  They may also add an anti-corrosion agent to the cables/terminals. Nothing like giving your vehicle a clean start!

I leave you with my empowering quote for the week,

Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions. --Albert Einstein



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