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Cayenne's Coolant Antifreeze Service In Los Altos, CA

cayCayenne here and it's hard to believe here in sunny California that we are starting to thing about Winter conditions! So today we will address coolant antifreeze services for winter time.

Los Altos car owners may know that most automotive failures in Los Altos, CA are tire related, but do you know the second most common cause for vehicle failure? Nope, it's not teenagers. It is the coolant system. But, if you take good care of your sedan coolant system, it will take good care of you.

A sedan's engine creates a lot of heat - so much heat, that if it is not properly cooled, the engine can lock up, resulting in massive damage and pricey repair bills. But when everything is working right, your sedan engine operates at the proper temperature and all is well. Without antifreeze in your cooling system, the water could freeze and cause sedan engine damage. This could be very pricey, not to mention inconvenient.

The right mix of water and antifreeze is critical and protects the engine against damage from freezing and overheating. Antifreeze also protects the coolant system against corrosion that could cause the system to fail. The thing to remember is this: coolant system failure is very common, but it is also very manageable to prevent. Your Los Altos service center knows the automobile manufacturer's recommendations, and can tell you when the coolant needs to be changed. At Allied Auto Works in Los Altos, we can perform a coolant system service.

Even the best antifreeze cannot completely protect the coolant system from harmful deposits forever. The anti-corrosion additives are used up over time, so the coolant must be replaced. A coolant service cleans out the system and replaces the old fluid with fresh coolant. A coolant system service at Allied Auto Works is a low-cost way to protect against major engine repairs down the road. Prevention is the key for Los Altos motorists. Be sure to watch out for the two main warning signs: if your temperature gauge is in the "hot" zone or if you get a message warning you to check your coolant. If you take a look under the hood, you will see the coolant overflow bottle. You can see there are lines that indicate the proper level of coolant ... if your engine is cold - or if it is hot.

Los Altos drivers can add water or antifreeze to that bottle themselves, but should be careful. First, you never want to open the radiator pressure cap. The steam could severely burn you. Second, try to get to Allied Auto Works in Los Altos immediately if your coolant is low. If that is not possible, follow the directions in your owner's manual. Third, remember that you need a proper mixture of water and antifreeze, or you will damage your engine. If you make an emergency addition to your cooling system, follow-up with Allied Auto Works or your service center where they can make necessary corrections. Fourth, not all cars use the same type of antifreeze.

Los Altos drivers will need to check their car maker's owner's manual to make sure they use the right kind. Mixing antifreeze types or using the wrong kind of antifreeze may void the auto maker's warranty on your sedan cooling system. If you're not sure, ask your personal and trust Allied Auto Works technician at Allied Auto Works for guidance.


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Cooling System

Duke's Tire Rotation and Balancing at Allied Auto Works in Los Altos

dukeHi Duke here and today I am going to take you in circles but make sure you stay balanced,

Tires do a lot of essential work for Los Altos drivers. They transfer engine power and braking forces to the road; they handle steering control; and they cushion all those bumps and jolts while driving around Los Altos. They also support the entire weight of the vehicle, including you and your passengers. With such vital work to do, you want your tires to do their job well. And since replacing tires is fairly costly, you want them to last as long as possible.

There are three keys to long, even tire wear for Los Altos motorists:

  • Proper tire inflation
  • Proper wheel alignment
  • Regular tire rotation and balancing

    The front tires on a car take the brunt of the steering forces. As they push through turns, the shoulders of the front tires wear down more quickly than the rear tires. Rotating front and rear tires allows them to all wear at about the same rate. That’s especially true of front wheel drive vehicles whose front tires steer, and put the power to the road.

    SUVs and pick-ups, especially four wheel drives, also tend to wear their tires more unevenly than cars because of their suspension and drivetrain set-up. Your owner’s manual will likely contain a schedule for tire rotation. It’s usually every 5,000 miles or so.

    Also, there are different rotation patterns for different vehicles. Allied Auto Works will know which is right for your vehicle. That brings us to wheel balancing. When wheels are balanced, they spin on the axle evenly. When they are out of balance, they wobble a bit. That makes the tires wear unevenly and may transmit a vibration to the car. Your personal and trust Allied Auto Works service specialist puts weights on your wheels to balance them out so that they turn true and smooth.

    Tires are a big investment for Los Altos drivers. They’re critical for keeping you safely on the road in Los Altos. The cost for regular rotation and balancing is more than made up in extended tire life. And, can you really put a price on your safety and that of your passengers?

    Well that should keep you spinning, this is Duke


    Tires and Wheels

    Cayenne's Auto Videos for Los Altos Drivers: Serpentine Belt Tensioner

    cayLove the movies?  So do I, hi Cayenne here and I have a great video for you!

    The serpentine belt tensioner applies pressure to the serpentine belt, maintaining prime tension to drive the accessories like the alternator and A/C compressor. The service life of the belt tensioner is the same as the belt itself, so they should always be replaced together. A worn tensioner prevents the accessories from spinning properly, leading to premature wear and noise.

    Your car maker has a recommended mileage interval for serpentine belt replacement. A complete accessory drive system service replaces the serpentine belt, the belt tensioner and any idler pulleys your automobile might have. Your personal and trust Allied Auto Works service specialist can survey your system and let you know if it’s time for a replacement.

    Give us a call and tell them Cayenne sent you!

    Allied Auto Works
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    Serpentine Belt

    Duke's 10 Services Los Altos car owners Often Overlook


    Duke here and today I am going to give you alist of 10 things you often overlook!

    We live such busy lives nowadays: work, social events, running the kids all over Los Altos. Some days it’s all we can do to keep track of everywhere we need to be. That’s why you’ve gotta be organized. Smartphones, calendar apps - we have to keep track of it all.

    So let’s talk about schedules. Specifically, automotive service schedules. And particularly, the vital scheduled services that are sometimes forgotten.

    Here is a list of 10 service items that are often overlooked by Los Altos drivers. They’re all very important and need appropriate attention. So here we go, in no particular order.

    1. Power Steering Service
    Be honest; have you ever thought of this on your own? Your power steering fluid gets dirty and builds-up moisture over time. Cleaning out your power steering system means that dirt and gum are removed and your essential power steering parts are protected from dangerous corrosion. Next time you're in for an oil change, ask your Los Altos service advisor if it’s time for a power steering check-up.

    2. Wheel Alignment
    When your wheels are out of alignment your sedan pulls to one side. It’s pretty annoying, but it’s also dangerous. And it causes your tires to wear out really fast; which is an unneccessary expense! Most manufacturers owners manuals suggest you get your alignment checked once or twice a year.

    3. Differential Service
    Did you even know you had a differential? Well, you do - one, two or three in fact. Differentials are often called gear boxes and they’re part of the drive-train that transfers power from your sedan engine to your wheels. They don’t need service that often, but you can’t completely forget them. Check with your personal and trust Allied Auto Works service advisor.

    4. Cabin Air Filter
    More and more Los Altos cars these days have cabin air filters (a great feature, in my opinion) to clean the air in the passenger area where we sit. They filter out dust and pollen. When they’re clogged up, they can get smelly. Change your cabin air filter on schedule to enjoy fresh, clean air, which can also help with allergies.

    5. Timing Belt Replacement
    Most cars and some vans and trucks driven around the Los Altos area have timing belts. Without going into a lot of detail, let’s just say that your car won’t run without it – period. And if it breaks while you’re driving it can do thousands of dollars worth of expensive engine damage. Check your owners’ manual or with your Los Altos service advisor. If you’re approaching 60,000 miles; definitely look into it right away.

    6. Transmission Service
    Transmission serviceis very basic, but it’s often forgotten by Los Altos motorists. Your sedan transmission needs clean fluid from time to time to keep operating efficiently and avoid pricey repairs. And it can also improve your MPG.

    7. Air Conditioning Service
    Most of us Los Altos motorists don’t think about our air conditioning until it fails on a hot day in Los Altos. If you’re lucky, you just need to add refrigerant. If you’re not, some of the components may have been ruined. Of course, these components are not cheap. Regular air conditioning service at Allied Auto Works in Los Altos adds clean refrigerant which cools and lubricates your air conditioner and conditions the seals.

    8. Brake Service
    No we’re not talking about squealing, grinding brakes here. We’re talking brake fluid. Over time the fluid gets a lot of water in it. Because water compresses differently than the brake fluid, your brakes won’t work as well. It may even get dangerous. The water can also rust out brake system components and then your brakes can fail altogether. Check with your Allied Auto Works technician for recommendations.

    9. Coolant System
    Another thing that’s so easy for Los Altos motorists to forget about: When you don’t change your antifreeze on schedule it becomes corrosive. Fresh coolant contains additives that maintain the pH balance in the coolant. These additives wear out and the fluid in the radiator can actually eat holes in the radiator or hoses. Then you’re stranded - bummer.

    10. Fuel System Cleaning
    In these times of high fuel prices, fuel system cleaning is critical. Fuel gums up a bunch of parts as it moves from the gas tank and through the engine. A thorough fuel system cleaning at Allied Auto Works in Los Altos will keep clean gas flowing into the engine. Your fuel injectors also get gunked up over time and need to be cleaned. Having your fuel system cleaned on schedule at Allied Auto Works will really help your fuel economy.

    There you have it; 10 services that are often overlooked. Did you know that a recent survey showed that 90 percent of vehicles on the road have at least one scheduled maintenance service that hasn’t been performed? Considering our busy lives, we’re not surprised.

    Los Altos drivers know it takes some thought and effort to actually maintain a vehicle; but it not only saves cash in the long run – it saves time too. And we can all use a little more time.

    Duke & Allied Auto Works can help with any of these services. Give us a call at 650.968.7227.

    Thanks again for learning,





    Cayenne Keeping Your Los Altos Air Fresh When Driving With A Clean Cabin Air Filter


    cayHi Cayenne here,

    I want you to take a deep breath because we are barking about fresh air today when driving.


    Pop quiz: What is a cabin air filter?

    A. A filter for your Los Altos house?
    B. A fresh, piney scent?
    C. A filter for the passenger compartment of your car?

    Clever you, it’s C.

    A cabin air filter cleans the outside air before it comes into the passenger compartment of your sedan. It filters out common Los Altos air particles like dust, pollen, spores, bacteria, pollutants, exhaust gas, odors and even sparrows.

    These high tech filters can block particles larger than 3 microns. By contrast, a grain of sand is about 200 microns.

    Not all Los Altos car owners have cabin air filters. They are fairly new on the scene in CA. Last check, about forty percent of new vehicles sold in Los Altos come with cabin air filters, but the number is growing every year.

    Cabin air filters make driving a lot more pleasant for Los Altos drivers. Your sedan can be a haven during our Los Altos allergy season with very little dust and pollen getting into the cabin. Of course, like all filters, the cabin air filter eventually gets clogged. When this happens, your heating and air conditioning flow can become restricted. The filter can even get kind of smelly.

    Check your owner’s manual for replacement guidelines. If your sedan owner's manual doesn't mention your cabin air filter, ask your personal and trust service advisor at Allied Auto Works for a recommendation. It’s usually every year or 12,000 miles / 19,000 kilometers. Change it sooner if you drive in dusty conditions around the Los Altos area, or if you start to notice a funky smell coming from your vents.

    The team at Allied Auto Works urges Los Altos motorists to keep their cabin air filter cleans. It may not help with your brother-in-law in the backseat, but it will make your driving experience around Los Altos more enjoyable.

    Come by Allied Auto Works in Los Altos and we'll take a look at your cabin air filter for you.

    Now exhale,




    Cabin Air Filter

    Duke's Differential Service At Allied Auto Works: Viva la Duke Differential


    Hey Duke here and it is another sunny day in Los Altos and we are going to talk about something different, I mean DIFFERENTIAL!

    Every sedan on CA interstates has a differential, and it is vital to the proper operation of the vehicle, but most Los Altos car owners don’t have a clue what it is.

    The differential compensates for differing wheel speeds. For example, when you turn, the inside tire on the turn travels a much shorter distance than the outside wheel. So the inside wheel of the sedan must move at a slower speed than the outside wheel. Without a differential, the wheels would hop and scrape while turning.

    Differential Service At Allied Auto Works: Vive ala Difference Have you ever seen the large bugle-shaped object in the middle of the rear axle of a truck? That’s the differential. In a rear-wheel drive vehicle, the differential is located on the back axle. Four-wheel drive vehicles and SUV’s have differentials on both the front and the rear axle.

    You might expect that the differential is located on the front axle of a front-wheel drive vehicle. You’d be right. But the differential is called a transaxle on a front-wheel drive vehicle because its location allows it to be combined with the transmission.

    In an all-wheel drive vehicle, an additional differential or transfer case is located between the front and rear axles. Differentials are strong: They have to be because of the essential job they do. But those tough parts need proper lubrication. You don’t want your differential to seize up. That results in pricey damage to your sedan.

    So you need to have your sedan differential serviced regularly. It’s not a complicated job. At Allied Auto Works in Los Altos we've been servicing differentials for 29 years. The used lubricating fluid is simply drained and then replaced. Some vehicles require specific additives in the differential fluid; your Los Altos service center will ensure you are getting what your sedan needs.

    The intervals in time or mileage for servicing your differential vary greatly from vehicle to vehicle. Check with your owner’s manual or Allied Auto Works to find out how often your sedan differential needs to be serviced.

    Generally, however, front-wheel drive vehicles need their differential serviced more often than rear-wheel drive vehicles. Also, if you spend a lot of time off-road or on Los Altos area dirt or gravel roads, or if you drive through water, you will need to service your differential more often than the standard recommendation – check with your personal and trust Allied Auto Works service advisor.

    Preventive maintenance for your differential is good car care that can spare you expensive repair bills. Knowing what your differential is and how it operates is important and will help you understand why this is good auto advice. Remember, take care of your sedan, and it will take care of you.


    Well that wasn't too different, it all still about the car,


    Cayenne Asks "Are Modern Vehicles Maintenance Free?"


    Hi Cayenne here and as the saying goes, nothing is free and that goes for today's so called maintenance free vehicles.  Let's find out more!!!
    In our auto video today we'll be talking with Alan Peterson about myths surrounding automotive maintenance. You can lump these myths into the statement that "modern cars are so reliable, they are virtually maintenance free".

    Any good myth has some elements of truth. No offense to Los Altos Bigfoot fans, but this maintenance-free myth has more evidence than most. If we look at some isolated areas of auto maintenance, we could conclude that maintenance isn't so important. But other areas would just as easily lead you to believe that maintenance is more important than ever.

    Here are some examples for our friends in Los Altos.

    • Some cars in Los Altos no longer require chassis lubrication. They're made with self-lubricating materials and have sealed joints. There's literally is no way to grease those joints.

    -Chalk one up for the myth.

    On the other side, some vehicles come with sophisticated variable valve timing. A lot of complicated parts up in the valve train that didn't even exist not that many years ago. These parts are very vulnerable to oil sludge.

    • So, skipping an oil change here and there could lead to very expensive damage.

    -A point to maintenance.

    • Electronic ignition has eliminated replacing points.

    -Myth gets a point.

    • Fuel injectors on direct injection engines are very expensive to replace so one must be sure to get a fuel system cleaning on schedule.

    -Point for maintenance.

    I think you get the picture. As automotive technology advances, it eliminates or reduces some maintenance requirements. And maintenance becomes more critical for some items. Most others remain very similar to what they've always been.

    So the maintenance mindset is still important for car owners in Los Altos if we want our vehicles to last a long time. The checklist may change over time, but there'll always be a check list.

    Let me mention a couple of items on modern vehicles that folks need to be aware of. One of the most of the most important is timing belt replacement. Used to be that all engines had timing chains – you know, metal chains. They rarely broke.

    It's cheaper to make engines with timing belts rather than chains, so replacing the timing belt is on most engines' maintenance list. The money the manufacturer saves by using a belt is more than off-set by what the vehicle owner has to pay to replace the belt. And it's a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of repairing the damage if the timing belt breaks.

    So make sure you know when your timing belt needs to be replaced. You don't want to miss that. If you have 60,000 miles or more, break out your owner's manual or ask your Los Altos service advisor at Allied Auto Works to check on the recommendation right away.

    Another is sealed wheel bearing assemblies on some vehicles. As you might have guessed, it's cheaper to make a sealed unit than one that has access to inspect or service the wheel bearings. The problem is that when the bearings fail, you have to replace the entire unit, not just the bearings. That'll cost 5 or 6 times as much.

    For our friends in Los Altos, we hope this has underscored the importance of knowing and following your maintenance schedule. Come in and see us at Allied Auto Works. You'll find us at 2073 Grant Road in Los Altos, CA 94024. Just give us a call at 650.968.7227.

    Well here is to my advice which is always free,  Ruf, Ruf,





    E-85 Fuel Safety Advice From Duke


    Duke here and today it's all about safety, let's get started!

    Today at Allied Auto Works, Duke wants to talk with you about a very important safety issue. This automotive safety warning is coming from a very unusual source: fire fighting experts. You’ve probably heard of E-85 gasoline being offered in the Los Altos area. Some newer vehicle models are specifically built to run on E-85 – the rest are not.

    Does your vehicle use E-85 gasoline? Bring it down to Allied Auto Works at 2073 Grant Road in Los Altos, CA 94024 to find out, or give us a call to make an appointment by calling 650.968.7227.

    E-85 gasoline has been developed to fight air pollution and reduce oil consumption. E-85 fuel is a mix of 85% ethanol, a grain-base alcohol, and 15% gasoline. So-called Flex-Fuel vehicles are designed to use either normal gasoline or E-85 gas. The result is lower harmful exhaust emissions to our local Los Altos community.

    All gas engines can run with up to 10% ethanol and in fact a lot of gasoline sold in the Los Altos, CA area does contain some ethanol. The problem comes when well meaning drivers without Flex Fuel certified vehicles put E-85 into the tank.

    At a 15% concentration, the potential for problems arises. Because of the chemical differences between ethanol and gasoline, special seals and gaskets are needed for Flex Fuel vehicles in Los Altos CA. In a normal engine, the ethanol in E-85 gas will eat away important seals and gaskets. This leads to gas and oil leaks.

    You Los Altos car owners can imagine the fire hazard caused by leaking gasoline. CA fire fighting experts caution motorists to only use E-85 if they know they vehicle is certified to handle it. They expect vehicle fires to increase because of using the wrong fuel in non-Flex Fuel vehicles.

    So are drivers who don’t have a Flex Fuel vehicle but use E-85 to help the environment actually putting themselves at risk? Yes. In fact, service and repair centers in Los Altos, CA are being warned to purchase fire extinguishers that use the special foam needed to extinguish ethanol fires as a precaution in case starting-up an ethanol damaged engine leads to a fire.

    Obviously, this isn’t something you want to have in your Los Altos, CA garage at home, either. If you have a Flex-Fuel certified vehicle, feel free to protect the environment by using E-85 gasoline. If not – please do not use E-85 in an engine that’s designed to run on unleaded gasoline only. At Allied Auto Works we are concerned about your safety. If you have questions or want to find out how to determine if your vehicle can safely use E-85, go to www.e85fuel.com for more resources.

    Take a look at Duke's attached auto safety tips video from Auto Tips Videos.


    Now I feel safer already,




    Duke's Diesel Introduction for Los Altos, CA


    Hi Duke here and today Duke Does Diesels,

    Something you’re going to be hearing a lot about around Los Altos, CA is diesel engines. We’re not talking about semi-trucks and buses – We’re talking about diesel engine cars, pick-ups and SUVs.

    Most people in Los Altos, CA are surprised to learn that around half the cars on the road in Europe have diesel engines. Nearly all import auto makers offer a range of diesel engines abroad – even the ultra-luxury brands like Mercedes and BMW. For the most part, these diesel engines haven’t been available in Los Altos, CA. But that’s about to change.

    In the past, North American diesel fuel has had a much higher sulfur content than European fuel. Recent environmental laws have required changes in diesel formulation and emissions standards here in Los Altos, CA so we are now ready to start seeing more diesel options offered to Los Altos car owners over the next few years.

    Why are so many Los Altos car owners interested in diesel engines? Well first off, diesel fuel is more energy dense. There’s more power in a barrel of diesel fuel than there is in a barrel of gasoline. The result? Better performance and improved fuel economy.

    Diesel powered vehicles get about 20 percent better gas mileage. And as for power – why do you think that the majority of new heavy duty pick-up trucks are being sold in Los Altos with diesel engines?

    If you think back to the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, you may shudder when you think of the diesel powered cars of the day – noisy, smoky, under-powered beasts that rattled and shook their passengers. Modern diesels sold in CA have evolved considerably.

    They are quiet, clean – and powerful. They’re so refined that many Los Altos auto owners can’t even tell they’re riding in a diesel powered sedan. In addition to fuel savings, diesels generally last longer than gasoline engines because of their heavy duty construction.

    Another thing the Los Altos green crowd takes advantage of is the use of bio-diesel in diesel vehicles. Bio-diesel is made from vegetable oil – even recycled cooking oil from Los Altos restaurants. There is a lot of buzz about Hybrid cars in CA. Look to diesel-electric hybrids in years to come to make a good idea even better.

    Every year, auto manufacturers introduce new diesel models. Look for diesels in domestic light trucks, SUVs and passenger cars. Import manufacturers have plans to bring more of their outstanding diesel engines to Los Altos, CA as well.

    New Los Altos diesel owners need to know that properly maintaining a diesel engine is somewhat different than a gasoline engine. Fluid change intervals are different. Emissions control devices have to work harder to filter diesel fuel and to scrub the exhaust so you will need to pay attention to that. And the fuel injection system operates at much higher pressures than gas fuel injection systems, so it’s essential to keep your fuel system clean with a diesel.

    The good news is that Allied Auto Works in  Los Altos is keeping up with the new diesel technology and will be able to advise you on maintaining your diesel.

    When we tell you to look for more diesels on Los Altos streets, you won’t be looking for smoky tail pipes as a clue. You also won’t be listening for that familiar big rig rattle. And, you certainly won’t be waiting for them at the stoplight, because modern diesels are as quick as their gasoline counterparts.

    From all of us at Allied Auto Works and Duke, ten four, good buddy.


    Fuel System

    Cayenne Helping To Protect Your sedan From Theft In Los Altos, CA


    Hi Cayenne here and all dogs like to protect what's theirs, so today I am going to help you protect what's yours, your car!

    Every car in Los Altos, CA is at risk for theft. So it's up to us Los Altos motorists to make our cars a less appealing target and more of a challenge – hopefully sending potential thieves to look elsewhere.

    The National Insurance Crime Bureau recommends a layered approach to protecting vehicles:

    1. Common sense
    2. Visible and audible devices
    3. Immobilizing devices
    4. Tracking devices

    Let's review each of these. First, common sense: you would be surprised how many vehicles are stolen in CA where the keys were left in the ignition with the doors unlocked. Always take your keys and lock the doors. In fact, in some places it's against the law to leave a vehicle unattended with the keys in the ignition.

    And don't leave spare keys in the car or hide them outside – because a thief will find them. Los Altos auto owners would be wise to park in well-lit areas that have a lot of foot traffic. If possible, park near the end of a row and near a light. Back your car into a parking space or your driveway to make your car more visible to passersby and harder for a thief to work under the hood without being seen.

    Los Altos motorists should know that it's critical to roll up their windows completely and avoid leaving their car in public lots for a long time. If you park in a lot that has an attendant, only give them the ignition key.

    Keep valuables out of sight: purses, wallets, cell phones, clothes and even change are attractive "smash-and-grab" targets. And pay to have your Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, etched into your windows – it makes your car less attractive to a thief who wants to send your car to a chop shop.

    There are lots of vital visible and audible devices available for Los Altos auto owners. A steering wheel lock is highly visible and will deter some thieves. Loud alarms can alert you and others that your vehicle is being tampered with. But if your alarm does go off, be careful. Observe what's going on; get descriptions of suspicious people and vehicles, including license plate numbers.

    Now, if you catch a thief in the act, call 911 but don't approach the person. Your safety is more important than the car.

    And here's a great one - immobilizing devices. They actually shut off your car's electrical or fuel supply. So without a key, or knowing where the hidden switch is located, a thief can't drive your car away.

    Finally, Los Altos car owners can also get a tracking device that allows Los Altos police to track their car down and recover it quickly.

    Remember, where you live, work and drive around Los Altos, CA has a great impact on your decisions. If you're in an area with high theft rates, you may want to spend more money on security systems. And check with your Los Altos, CA auto insurance company to see if they offer discounts for adding any of these items.

    Of course, the common sense suggestions from Allied Auto Works don't cost anything and go a long way toward keeping your car safe from thieves. Take a look at the attached video auto tip from AutoNetTV.

    Come see us at Allied Auto Works in Los Altos for practical advice on keeping your sedan safe.
    Now don't you feel safer,


    Automotive News
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